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Propane History

Schauls Gas Inc. has provided LP (propane) gas service since 1955 to the Durand, Wisconsin and surrounding areas.  Our experienced staff are experts in tank and gas line installation, gas line repair, and with propane delivery.

Propane Customer Key Benefits:

  • 24 hour emergency propane and heating system service (for our propane customers only) during the heating season,  weekends only during the off heating season 
  • Keep fill and Will call Programs
  • Leased tanks
  • Pre-buy/Contract Gas
  • Budget Programs

Propane Pricing & Availability:

For the current price and availability to your location, please call our office or email


  • How the budget works:  Our budget program is an average monthly payment based on a customer's propane consumption over a 12 month period.  The customer's monthly payment is based on the customer’s gallon use during the previous heating season, in combination with propane’s current price.  This average is then balanced over a full year (12 months) to determine how much a customer must pay each month.  Quarterly, budget customers are mailed a letter indicating what their budget payment must be in order to keep on schedule, as factors such as long winters and price per gallon changes affect budget payments.
  • Benefits of the budget program: The customer’s benefit for being on the budget plan is not having finance charge accumulate on owing propane balances, as well as having balanced payments throughout the year. By having balanced payments, there is not a large balance due when propane consumption is high.  
  • Term’s of the budget program: The payment amount deemed due by Schauls Gas is due in full each and every month by the 25th day of the month. To receive the “no finance charge benefit,” each budget payment must be paid in full every month, even if there is not a current account balance.  If a payment is missed or lessened without prior approval, finance charge may be activated on the account. Regular statements are not provided to budget customers.  Each budget customer is responsible for sending their budget payment to Schauls Gas by the 25th day of each month. Remember, the goal of the budget program is to have a zero balance or credit at the start of each heating season (September 1st).  Keep in mind that the monthly budget plan is only for propane. Service work and new purchases are due in 30 days and must be paid in addition to the monthly propane budget payment.
  • How to join the budget program: If you wish to join the program, simply submit an email to Once the email is received, you will receive a response which will include the necessary paperwork.  To join the program, simply complete the provided paperwork and return all necessary paperwork to our office.   


  • Contract (pre-buy) propane is offered to our customers once a year during the month of July.  For customers who have contracted with us during the past heating season, a contract will be mailed to you around July 17th.  If you do not receive a contract by July 30th and for customers who have not contracted during the past heating season please email to request a contract. 

Payments and Billing:

  • Each time a propane delivery is made a yellow invoice will be left at the customer's home, unless previous arrangements have been made to have delivery invoices mailed from the office.  Each invoice will reflect the gallons placed in the tank, the price per gallon and the balance due.
    • Accounts with prior authorization may charge on account.  If you are a new customer please completed our Credit Application prior to your first service.
      • Invoices are due in 10 days, past due in 30 days.
      • Individual invoices are left at time of service.  Monthly statements are mailed on the 1st of every month.
    • C.O.D. (cash on delivery) and rental accounts must pay for each delivery on or before the date of delivery.
  • Cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards are all acceptable forms of payment.  At this time we are unable to automatically withdraw funds from our customer's personal banking accounts. However, we are able to accept auto bill payments sent directly from a customer’s personal bank.
    • For NSF checks, a $35.00 service charge will be issued to the account holder
    • For debit or credit card payments, in person or over the phone, there is a convenience fee.  This convenience fee covers the processing fees associated with debit and credit card use and does not benefit Schauls Gas Inc.  To avoid the convenience fee, simply choose another form of payment as listed above, or use a convenience check provided from your credit card company as (convenience checks are processed as a standard check at no fee).                                                                

To Order:

  • Current customers: To order propane, please call the office or send an email to  For email requests, please include the following information: 1) current percent in-the-tank and 2) notification for us to fill the tank or for the drop of the minimum 200 gallons (tanks with less than a 200 gallon capacity will be filled-no partial deliveries).  All emails will be responded to within 24 business hours.  If you do not receive a response, please resubmit your request or call our office to ensure that your request has been placed on route for delivery.
    • How to read the percent in your gas tank:
      • Percent GaugeLift the dome (cover) located on the top of your tank 6-8 inches.  Release the cover from your hand and let it drop back down to the tank.  (This action will ensure that the needle on the percent gauge is not stuck in one location.)  
      • Lift the cover again and locate the percent gauge (as shown).  The percent gauge is the gauge which reads from 0 to 100 (be sure not to read the pressure gauge which reads from 0 to 300).  This number is then the percent that is currently in your tank.   

Propane Safety Information:

  • Propane, also known as LP (liquefied petroleum), is a liquid fuel stored under pressure.  In most systems, propane is vaporized to a gas before it leaves the tank.  Propane smells like rotten eggs, a skunk's spray, or even like a dead animal.  Propane is flammable when mixed with air (oxygen) and can be ignited by many sources.  If it becomes in contact with your skin, severe freeze burn or frostbite may occur. 
  • If you small gas:
    • NO FLAMES OR SPARKS!  Immediately put out all smoking materials and other open flames.  Do not operate lights, appliances, telephones, or cell phones.  Flames or sparks from these sources can trigger an explosion or fire.      
    • LEAVE THE AREA IMMEDIATELY!  Get everyone out of the building or area where you suspect gas is leaking. 
    • SHUT OFF THE GAS!  Turn off the main gas supply valve on your propane tank if it is safe to do so.  To close the valve, turn it to the right (clockwise). 
    • REPORT THE LEAK!  From a location other than near the leak, call your propane supplier.  Only if you are unable to reach your propane supplier should you call 911 or your local fire department.   
    • DO NOT RETURN TO THE BUILDING OR AREA until your propane supplier, emergency responder, or qualified service technician determines that it is safe to do so. 
    • GET YOUR SYSTEM CHECKED.  Before your attempt to use any of your propane appliances, your propane supplier or qualified service technician must check your entire system to ensure that it is leak-free.  
  • Pressure checks and leak tests, are completed to ensure that there are not leaks within the fuel distribution system.  Government regulations as well as insurance companies require that in certain situations leak tests be performed.  At time of the check, the technician must be able to access the home to complete all steps during the system check.
    • The following situations are examples for when a pressure check or leak test may have to be performed:
      • New system installation
      • New customer setup
      • System interruptions from repair work, modifications, additions, or a shut off
      • Tank run outs/out-of-gas situations
      • Suspected leak
    • The following will be completed during a system check:
      • Inspection of piping
      • Inspection of shut off valves for each appliance (a shut off valve is required within six feet of each gas appliance)
      • Inspection of sediment traps (illuminating appliances such as ranges, clothes dryers, decorative appliance for installation in vented fireplaces, and decorative vented appliances-outdoor grills are not required to have sediment traps)
      • Inspection and testing of regulators
      • Inspection of the tank or cylinder
    • Any distribution system found unsafe or that does not meet code will be RED TAGGED and cannot be put back into service until the unsafe condition or code violation has been repaired or corrected.  Only qualified servicemen can complete the necessary repairs and deem the system in working order. 
  • The government regulates how propane is distributed and tested.  To view a complete listing of standards set by the government that Schauls Gas Inc. follows, please Click Here
  • For safety and ease of delivery we ask the following:
  • By following the tips below, deliveries and tank maintenance will occur without interruption:
    • Refrain from placing objects on propane tanks
    • Distance animals from propane tanks (do not tie pets to propane tanks)
    • Maintain driveways and pathways by keeping the areas free of objects and snow

Before You Dig:

  • Beware of your propane tank's location and the corresponding gas line running from your tank to your home.  If you are planning to dig around the location of the gas line ensure to stay at least 5 feet from either side of the line.  If you feel you need to have the gas line marked, be sure to call our office (715)672-5211.  Please be aware that propane is not a utility, therefore we are not affiliated with Digger's Hotline.  Any request for marking gas lines should be placed at least five business days prior to the markings being needed.  If insufficient notice is given, the customer may be charged for the service call.

New Customers:

  • Schauls Gas Inc. offers competitive pricing and services to the Durand and surrounding areas.  If you are interested in our services, simply call our office or email for details. 
  • We ask that all new customers complete the attached credit application for propane and for service work. Completed signed applications must be returned and processed before any service or deliveries are made.

Credit Application:

  • Schauls Gas Inc. requires all new customers to fill out a Credit Application, also referred to as New Customer Information.  If you are interested in our services, please fill out and sign the following form to our office via email, fax or by mail.  Credit will be determined after processing your application.  For questions email or concerns regarding our credit process contact  
  • To fill out the Credit Application/New Customer Information form Click Here

New Tank Installations:

  • Here at Schauls Gas we have certified technicians who are able to complete new tank installations.  If you are in need of a new tank set and would like our services, please complete the following:
    • All necessary new account information, including a Credit Application
    • Mark the location of where you would like the tank to be set.  Factors that affect where the tank can be placed:
      • 325 gallon capacity tanks and larger must be placed at least 10 feet away from buildings
      • Tanks placement is completed using a pickup truck and trailer.  Therefore, we must be able to back to and over the tanks' permanent location with the vehicle   
      • For filling purposes, tanks should be no further than 75 feet for where the propane delivery truck will have to stop and park    
  • Tank sizes:  Tank size is determined by the customer's purpose for propane use and by the location of the tank set.  During initial new account setup, please describe the location and what will be running off propane, so the best tank size can be determined prior to the tank set date.  
  • Costs for new tank sets:  Schauls Gas will bring the tank to the customer for no charge and set the tank in its permanent location free for the customer.  Time and materials may be charged for gas lines and regulators.  Please contact the office for details by phone or via email to  

Tank Switch Outs:

  • Tank switch outs occur when a customer is switching from one propane company to another.      
  • Steps to follow for customers interested in switching to our propane services:
    • Complete all necessary new account information, including the Credit Application Click Here
    • Contact your current provider to determine if they will credit you for the remaining gas-in-tank
      • Schauls Gas is only able to transfer/pump over a limited number of gallons (usually 10% or less of the tank's capacity)
    • Call or email Schauls Gas at least five business days prior to the desired tank switch out date to make arrangements for the switch out
  • Fees:  Schauls Gas will provide mileage, drive time and the tank set at no charge to the new customer when able to reuse the existing gasline and regulator.  Customers may endure costs based on time and materials if additional supplies and labor are required.   

Tank Transfers:

  •  When a home or business is sold, it is the responsibility of both parties (seller and the buyer) to contact our office to inform our company of the change of ownership.  If Schauls Gas is uninformed of any party changes, the prior landowner will be responsible for transactions occurring on the account. 

Delivery Terms:

  • Our customers have the option to be on the keep fill or will call program for their propane deliveries.  There is not a cost difference between the programs, it is simply the customer's preference.
    • Keep Fill:  Keep fill is also known as automatic fill.  Tanks on the keep fill program are automatically filled by calculation of outdoor temperatures and the customer's previous use.
      • To be on the keep fill program, a customer must have prior approval for credit with Schauls Gas Inc. (rental accounts are not eligible for credit or keep fill)       
      • If the tank runs completely out of propane while on the keep fill program, the customer is not responsible for payment of the leak test or for a special trip if the account balance is zero.  If the account is delinquent, the customer becomes responsible for the cost of the leak test and special trip cost.
      • Keep fill tanks will be filled to 80% at each delivery
    • Will Call:  Will call customers monitor their tank(s) and call in once they need a delivery.  Will call customers must monitor their tank and give adequate notification before each needed delivery.  Adequate notice is deemed by the customer calling in when their tank reaches 30%, which is equivalent to giving a seven business day notice.  If insufficient notice is given, the customer may have to pay for a special trip to complete the needed delivery.
      • All rental locations and C.O.D. (cash on delivery) accounts are set up on the will call program.     
      • If the tank runs completely out of propane while on the will call program, resulting in a leak test, the customer is responsible for payment of the leak test.
      • Will call customers may indicate if they prefer the tank to be filled or to have the minimum of 200 gallons placed in their tank
      • How to read the percent in your gas tank:
        • Percent GaugeLift the dome (cover) located on the top center of your tank 6-8 inches. Release the cover from your hand and let it drop back down to the tank. This action will ensure that the needle on the percent gauge is not stuck in one location.
        • Lift the cover again and locate the percent gauge (as shown). The percent gauge is the gauge which reads from 0 to 100 (be sure not to read the pressure gauge which reads from 0 to 300). This number is then the percent that is currently in your tank.

Current Charges:

  • Propane is priced by the gallon, and cylinders are priced by the size of the cylinder 
  • Tank/Lease Fees:
    • Schauls Gas does not charge a yearly tank rent on tanks using adequate gallons of propane per the size of the tank over a one year time period.  For clarification of "adequate gallons," email  
  • Special Trip Costs:
    • Keep Fill customers with current account balances will not be charged for their propane delivery if deliveries are made when the delivery trucks are in the area
    • During regular delivery hours (8 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.):  $175.00 per trip for up to 45 minutes of drive time and labor, then $50.00 per hour beyond the allotted 45 minutes 
    • After 2:30 p.m. (nights), weekends, and holidays:  $200.00 per trip for up to 45 minutes of drive time and labor, then $50.00 per hour beyond the allotted 45 minutes   
  • Pressure Check & Leak Test Fees:
    • New customers:
      • Labor is included at time of the new tank set
      • Parts, if needed, to correct the system may be charged to the customer
    • Occupancy Change:
      • No charge for labor if the Schauls Gas tank remains on the premises
      • Parts, if needed, to correct the system may be charged to the customer
    • Out-of-gas situations:
      • Keep Fill customers:
        • No charge is account balance is current
        • $60.00 plus tax if the account is delinquent
      • Will Call and C.O.D. customers:
        • $60.00 plus tax
    • Systems Interruptions (repairs, additions, modifications requested by the customer):
      • The charge is based on time and materials needed
    • Suspected leak:
      • If a leak occurs on components owned by Schauls Gas Inc., a charge will not occur
        • Call the office of Schauls Gas for clarification of what propane components are owned by the company and which components are owned by the customer.
      • If a suspected leak occurs on components owned by the customer, the customer will be charged for the labor (time) and materials needed, which may include driving time and mileage.
        • Call the office of Schauls Gas for clarification of what propane components are owned by the company and which components are owned by the customer.
      • If a customer requests a special trip for checking a suspected leak and no leak is found, the customer may be charged for the labor (time) involved
  • Tank Pickup Fee:  Schauls Gas Inc. charges a standard fee of $25.00 per tank.  Under certain circumstances this fee may be waived.    
  • Shut Off/Disconnect Fees:  If Schauls Gas has shut off or disconnected your propane service due to delinquency, the customer will be charged labor (time) or having the service activated.  Labor will include time and mileage from office to jobsite. 
  • Tank Maintenance:
    •  Leased Tanks:
      •  Schauls Gas tanks are washed and painted at no charge.  Contact us if you wish for your tank to be washed or painted.
    • Customer Owned Tanks:
      • All maintenance is the responsibility of the tank owner.  If the owner requests Schauls Gas to paint, wash or changes gauges on their tank, the customer is subject to the hourly service rates.

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